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The Band

Hey! We are Sandmarx and call ourselves a modern hard rock band from Norway. It was Sandra Szabo and Marcus Greenway who first started the band in 2009. The music is mostly inspired by hard rock bands like Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Halestorm, Foo Fighters and more.

Tours 'N' Gigs

In September 2015 we had our first European tour, visiting countries like Hungary, Germany, Belgium and Holland. It was awesome, and we would love to go on another tour asap! We'll do our best to make that happen! Track us on Bandsintown to see all shows.

We always do our best to play solid and powerful live shows, and we love having close contact with our audience. We have supported big acts like L.A. Guns and Audrey Horne, and our release show for "The Perfect Storm" resulted in a full venue at Inside Rock Cafe in our home town Bergen. (See the entire concert here)


In March 2014 we finished recording our album "The Perfect Storm" in studio with Bjørnar Nilsen and Arve "Icedale" Isdal from Enslaved and Audrey Horne. The album was released October 10th 2014 and is available world wide! (Buy album here)! We have LOTS of new songs we have been working on since "The Perfect Storm" and have big plans to start recording our next album!

In 2015 we released a music video for "Supervillain", track no. 9 on "The Perfect Storm". Watch here!

The music video for "Band on Fire" was released right before the album came out, and got so much positive feedback from our fans, thank you!

In the summer of 2012, we released our 6 tracks EP “Fancy Cars and Fat Cigars” with tracks like “Liar”, and “Buy the World”. People started catching sight of Sandmarx after our first EP because of Sandra’s powerful voice, heavy riffs and cathcy rhythms along with Marcus’ melodic solos.

"The voice of Sandra Szabo is like an angel's kissed by the devil"​ - Der Spiegel.

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